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শনিবার, ১৮ মে, ২০১৩

Barguna District

Barguna District:
The area of Barguna District is 1831.31 km². It is bounded on the north by the districts of Pirojpur, Barisal, Patuakhali In the east, it borders the Patuakhali District. On the south, Barguna is bounded by the Patuakhali District and the Bay of Bengal.  On the western side, it borders Pirojpur and Bagerhat districts.Rivers of Barguna district include the Payra River, Bishkhali River and the Baleshwar River.

Barguna is divided into five Upazilas:
  1. Amtali
  2. Bamna
  3. Barguna Sadar
  4. Betagi
  5. Patharghata
  6. Taltali                                       Map of Barguna: 
Barguna's economy is primarily dependent on agriculture. Principal crops are Rice , Pulses and Jute, Betel leaf, Bananas, Betel Nut, Fishing and Producing Shrimp is also popular Here.

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